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MULAG Container pallet transporter with electric drive train

Pulsar Container pallet transporters set the highest standards in handling goods for years now, their reliability meets the demanding requirements of professional cargo operations. The development of a CO2 emission-free, economical and at the same time fit for heavy duty electric drive train opened up new possibilities in the field of environmentally friendly applications on the airport apron. Low operating noise levels meet even restrictive noise pollution regulations.

The concept of a direct drive via electric hub motors without efficiency loss through hydrostatic drive helps improving the overall energy efficiency of the vehicle. In comparison with the operating costs of a normal Diesel vehicle the new Pulsar 7 E is much more economical.

General details of the new container pallet transporter:
- handles easily cargo up to 7 tons
- LD and MD container pallets as well special sized pallets up to 5640 mm (196")
- loads/unloads cargo from both sides
- integrated finger loading system for dollies
- transport platform divided into 2 separate sections for individual operation

Exhibitor: MULAG Fahrzeugwerk Heinz Wössner GmbH u. Co. KG

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