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Baggage Conditioning with MOVIGEAR®-SNI

The Standard 3 framework of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) has introduced new regulations for airport Explosive Detection Systems (EDS). This Standard 3 must be applied to all newly-installed machines after September 2014. By 2020 (2018 within the UK), all airports in Europe must comply with this standard.

All EDS machines have a defined maximum throughput, which depends on baggage size, conveyor speed and gap between bags. This maximum throughput can only be achieved with optimum baggage spacing, which ensures a high utilization of the machine. SEW-EURODRIVE offers airports an automation hardware and software solution for baggage conditioning systems, which maximizes the throughput thanks to the high dynamic and the decentralized intelligence of SEW-EURODRIVE MOVIGEAR®-SNI. The decentralized controller MOVIFIT®-FDC-SNI uses an algorithm to calculate the necessary speed and acceleration per conveyor in order to reach the target gap between baggage items. In combination with an integrated high resolution encoder, which ensures precise baggage position tracking, the MOVIFIT®-FDC controller can also handle other functionalities such as baggage height/length monitoring.

In addition, the Single-Line Network Installation (SNI) technology, in which power and communication are transmitted over the same cable, ensures fast installation and efficient start-up.

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