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Sittig’s PAXGuide Automatic Announcement System meets innovative Text to Human Voice Solution

Sittig has improved and upgraded its Automatic Annoucement System PAXGuide. One of the most remarkable features is the possibility to add Text to Speech functionality to it’s automated Annoucement System.

This feature can be used by Central Announcement personell to make ad hoc announcements or eaven allowing gate service personell to generate announcements without having to call the always busy Central Announcement workplace. The so generated announcement can then be verified and processed in accordance with the airport’s policy.

Unlike common Text to Speech solutions, this one uses the same voice as other automatic annoucements at a particular sight and even provides the possibility, to digitalize a customer specific voice or just talkt o the person behind the Text to Human Voice engine and provide directions.

To learn more more about teh system please visit us at the German Pavillon.

Exhibitor: Sittig Industrie-Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

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