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Airport hub reduces manual encoding by 50%

For a major passenger hub, one of the biggest hurdles in efficient baggage handling is the processing of transfer baggage and, in particular, bags with crumpled or unreadable Bag Source Message (BSM) tags.

Typically, around 2-3% of bag tags will be unreadable so reducing this number is key to delivering real improvement in an airport’s Baggage Handling System (BHS) capacity and workflow. To address this challenge, one passenger hub has already produced a business case for installing a BEUMER Group Video Coding System (VCS). Previously, the airport’s BHS would divert bags with no-read tags to a Manual Encoding Station (MES). Here, an operator would manually enter the BSM information before re-inducting the bag onto the BHS. This process meant that each manually-encoded bag would touch the sorter twice, introducing delays and potential short-shipments as well as having a direct impact on overall sorter capacity.

Installed as a web-based application at the existing MES, the VCS allows operators to simply touch a screen to zoom-in to view no-read tags. This allows the bag to remain in motion within the BHS and eliminates the need for the operator to physically turn or lift the bag. The web-based VCS controls also introduce more flexibility by allowing control-room staff to supplement or relieve MES staff during very high coding peaks.

The impact of implementing the BEUMER Group VCS has been dramatic, with the no-read tag rate being reduced to as low as 1.17%, which is around 50% of the previous rate. It is estimated that the BEUMER Group VCS solution prevents up to 10 bags being short-shipped every day, allowing the airport to save around €100 for each short-shipment in addition to improving overall passenger satisfaction.

Exhibitor: BEUMER Group

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