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Koanda air circulation system

The combination of the one-of-a-kind Koanda air circulation system and the pressurised water recirculation system reduces the emission of harmful particulate matterby up to 95%
The new Swingo 200+ compact sweeper can now also be fitted with the innovative Koanda system. As a result, it works virtually without
any particulate emissions, has extremely low water consumption and is very quiet. A major part of the dust-laden air drawn in remains in the suction system and is conducted back to the suction nozzle in a
closed cycle. The special design of the suction nozzle, which employs flow energy to support the collection of debris, guarantees a substantial improvement in debris collection. The small amount of residual air is cleaned by a fine-pored filter.

Exhibitor: Aebi- Schmidt International

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Aebi- Schmidt International
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